VitalGrill Barbecue Is A Packable And Powerful Portable Grill

Remember the Survival Stove?  Yep, it’s still pretty awesome.  And it gets even more awesome with the new VitalGrill Barbecue, an add-on grilltop that turns the portable stove into a fully-capable outdoor grill.

Designed for taking with you to the wild outdoors, the entire grill can fold into a slim messenger-style bag that’s just 3 inches thick.  With the stove able to fold into a bundle measuring 5 x 8 x 2 inches, you get a fully-capable cooking system that can easily cram into your backpack, along with a whole host of other gear.

The VitalGrill Barbecue is a grill assembly that sits on top of the stove, with the heat spread evenly across the entire area of the deflector.  Each part of the grill has been designed to fit together without tools, so assembly should take just a few seconds.  It has a cooking area measuring 13.5 inches in diameter, allowing you to fit in a good load of meats on the grill top.  Construction is all stainless steel.

If you’re not familiar with the stove, it’s billed as a “survival stove” for a reason: not only does it pack into a small bundle, you can use any dry biological material for fuel, including wood, dried animal dung (yes, really), cardboards, natural fibers and coal.  Since the whole thing will be piping hot during cooking, a multi-functional handle is included that you can use to flip the meat, lift the lid off the grill, slide the stove trap and add more fuel.

You can buy a complete VitalGrill Barbecue and Stove Set directly from their website, priced at $169.99.  They can also be bought separately, with the stove retailing for $79.99 and the grill for $99.99.

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