Mac Pro Gear Saddle Puts Pockets On Your Workstation PC For Storing Keyboards, Headphones, And More

Do you ever look at your Mac Pro and think it’s a little too naked for your liking? Like, maybe you can spruce it up with a sticker here, a decal there, or even a small toy mounted on the handle. If you ever looked at your Mac Pro and thought it looked a bit like a horse, though, maybe you can even dress it up in the SF Bags Mac Pro Gear Saddle.

No, it won’t put an actual saddle on the top side of Apple’s high-powered workstation, so you can’t sit on it and ride it like a pony. We know, it’s sad. Instead, it’s designed as a storage accessory that adds multiple pockets to the tower desktop, allowing you to stash all your peripherals right on your workstation. It’s convenient.

The Waterfield Designs Mac Pro Gear Saddle is a storage organizer consisting of two main panels that are held together by straps. One panel holds two large horizontally-oriented pockets and one large vertical pocket (the outfit recommends using it to store the 10-key Magic Keyboard), while the other has one full-width pocket and three smaller pockets above it. To use, simply lay the straps on top of the Mac Pro case, such that the panels drape over the Mac Pro’s steel and aluminum frame, one on each side. From there, you just use it to store any gear that will otherwise clutter your desk, such as an extra mouse, a knob control, a specialty keyboard, a big ass pair of headphones, or any of the half-dozen cables you need to use throughout the day. Each organizer includes a medium-sized gear pouch that can fit in the wide bottom pocket for any stuff you want to keep under wraps.

It’s cut entirely in full-grain premium leather, from the panels and the straps to every single pocket, so you will be draping your expensive workstation in something that’s equally premium. Suffice to say, it looks pretty good. The straps, by the way, are lined with rubber grips on the underside, which should keep them in place on top of the tower case, regardless of how much weight you put on each of the panels.

The Waterfield Designs Mac Pro Gear Saddle has panels that measure 17 x 14 inches each, so they both fit completely on the sides of the tower enclosure. Since the vent holes on the case sit on the front and back, you don’t cover any of them, either, while the use of straps on top ensure it doesn’t get in the way of either the carry handles or the power button. Suffice to say, this is designed from the ground up for use with the latest generation of the Apple’s workstation PC, although we have a feeling many larger PC cases can also accommodate it. Hey, non-Apple users can benefit from the use of an organizer on their desktop towers, too, although the price for this is admittedly in the range that only Apple users are usually willing to spend.

Want one? The Waterfield Designs Mac Pro Gear Saddle is available now, priced at $399.

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