Wheelbench Combines Bench And Wheelbarrow Into A Mobile Outdoor Furniture


Ever wished you can combine the mobility of a wheelbarrow with the seating comfort of a bench? Probably not. Apparently, though, someone did. Even better, they drew up a design, they built it, and they want to sell you one in the form of the Wheelbench.

Designed by Rogier Martens, it’s an erstwhile normal wooden bench that’s been fitted with a wheel on one end and push handles on the other. That way, you can park it in a spot to rest your legs, all while easily moving it to another spot when you start getting bored of the current view.


The Wheelbench literally combines design elements of a bench and a wheelbarrow, with the former allowing you to plop down on it and the latter allowing you to wheel it around wherever you are. Obviously, something like this will prove very useful for those with large backyards, since you get yourself a functional bench that you can park by the grill when you’re cooking, by the shed when you’re working with tools, and by the garden when you need to do some work on your plants. You can even push it to the lawn when you want to scream at the kids and banter with the neighbors on a Sunday morning, as well as push it to the lawn next door just to be that annoying neighbor who found himself a goofy new toy.

When parked, the bench stands flat on the ground, so you can sit down on it to rest your legs, lie down on your back for a nap, and even eat your lunch while plopped down just like you do in the park. When moving the bench, you’ll need to lift the end with the handles similar to a wheelbarrow, so it will require some lifting, albeit not as much compared to actually hoisting up an entire bench with both hands. Just in case you’re wondering, it weighs between 44 and 55 pounds, depending on which type of wood the bench is made from.


The Wheelbench has a flat wooden seat that should accommodate up to three people, along with a slightly sloped backrest, so you can lean back and relax after a long day of pushing this darn thing. It has a wide, pneumatic wheel that facilitates a smooth ride, making it easy to steer the bench, whether you’re on flat pavement, rocky ground, or a sandy beach, while meticulously smoothed narrow handles make it easy to grip, so you can push it around without putting a lot of effort on your hands.


Construction is either oak or accoya, with the oak weighing 55 pounds and the accoya weighing a lighter 44 pounds.  Dimensions are 85 x 30 x 18 inches (width x height x depth), making it a decent size for keeping in the backyard as outdoor furniture. The wood, by the way, comes untreated, so you should coat it with oil, paint, or varnish as you see fit. Not doing so will leave the darn wood to go bad, once it’s exposed to rain and sun for extended periods.

The Wheelbench is available now, priced starting at €595.

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