Zero Baggage Lets You Travel Light Even With A Full Suitcase Of Stuff

Luggage sucks.  In fact, traveling is often a horrendous experience because of it.  From the hassles of carrying heavy bags to losing them at some point during the trip, it makes way for plenty of less-than-ideal situations.  That’s where Zero Baggage wants to come in.

The upcoming service intends to revolutionize the travel experience by letting you fly without bringing anything along.  Rather than pack two suitcases full of clothes before every trip, you can put your regular gear together once and leave them with the service.  During each trip, simply notify Zero Baggage and have your stuff delivered directly at the hotel.  When you’re done, simply call the company again to have the same stuff picked up, cleaned and readied for the next time you need it.  Basically, you travel both ways without carrying any luggage, yet having everything you require.

What if you need a pink power suit and your deposited luggage doesn’t include any?  No problem.  Simply log on their online catalog, pick out what catches your fancy and rent it for the duration of your stay.  It will be delivered, along with your own stuff, and picked up when you leave.

As you can surmise, the service is great when you drop down in a strange town and want to live a second life.  Want to make people think you’re a power player pissing cash through your ears? “Borrow” a couple of Armani suits, a Rolex and a thousand dollar pair of shoes for a couple days – who can tell it’s not yours?

Zero Baggage is still in the development stages, with plans to launch in the Spring of 2010.  It sounds like a crazy, cool idea – almost like a cloud storage for stuff.   Expect it to be darn expensive, though, as convenience always comes at a price.

[Zero Baggage via SMH]