10 Best Racing Games For iPhone

Everyone loves a good racing game.  Whether on a PC, a console or a smartphone, it’s hard to resist the allure of speeding through winding tracks against competition doing their best to leave you in the dust.   And for a long time, racing games were the pinnacle of iOS gaming — they’re the ones you showed your friends who weren’t convinced playing on an iPhone is fun.  While new games like Infinity Blade and GTA III will likely bring the era of racing dominance to a close, there’s no doubt that the genre remains a strong presence in the App Store.


Real Racing 2

Arguably the best mobile racing game of the last year, this simulation racer truly sets a high bar for everybody else.  Graphically, it’s stunning, with an incredible lighting engine, realistic textures and amazing motion visuals.  The gameplay is fun and accurate, with several control options to help you find your groove. Features include 30 licensed cars to play with, 15 tracks, 16 race modes, TV-out support, Airplay support  if you have an Apple TV (including a split-screen versus mode) and online multiplayer for up to 16 cars in a single race.   It’s really like having Gran Turismo or Forza on a mobile device — simply astounding.   [iTunes]


Death Rally

What sets Death Rally apart from other racers, besides the gorgeous top-view graphics, is its focus on combat.  And we’re not talking about Burnout-style smash into opponents, either.  Instead, it’s full-on car-versus-car combat, complete with machine guns, missile launchers and other weapons of mayhem.  Oh yeah, there’s no brakes here, since there’s no point stopping when your goal is crazy destruction, so your only real job is steering and firing your weapons at other cars in the race.   Content is a little lacking with just 5 cars and 6 tracks (one unlockable), but the fun of destroying other cars over and over should make up for it.  There’s also a multiplayer mode, which, oddly enough, feels just as erratic and insane as playing with AI.   [iTunes]


Forever Drive

As the name implies, Forever Drive is a game that has you driving forever.  Well, at least, until you close the app.  A refreshing break from the same old driving game formula, this one has you racing against the clock on a track that just goes on and on.  Basically, you must make the next checkpoint before the timer runs out, building combos and picking up points along the way to increase your timer.  Do that and you really just might be able to drive for eternity.   All tracks used in the game are built by users, which they create using a track-building feature integrated in the game.  The track builder is simple, but quite powerful, so fiddling with it can eat up a lot of time all on its own.  [iTunes]


Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

A definite nostalgia trip for Sega fans, this kart racer has you driving around tracks as Sonic the Hedgehog and other classic characters from various Sega game worlds.  Gameplay is playful and arcade-style (as in, you get to pick up weapons to sabotage other drivers), so it may turn off racing simulation purists.  Still, it’s a heck of a fun game, complete with four single-player modes, 25 unlockable missions, and three grand-prix cups to complete, along with standard single race and time trial modes.  A lot of the racing is based around drifting on corners (the more you drift, the bigger your speed boost), which creates a natural inclination to drive in a more exciting manner.  There are also multiplayer modes: versus one  person over Bluetooth and four friends online.  This one’s a must-have for kart-racing fans.  [iTunes]


Cubed Rally Racer

Released back in 2010, this title remains a favorite to this day.  Using blocky 3D graphics and a simple goal (make it to the end of the track without running out of fuel), it makes for an addictive, if unconventional, racer.  Controls aren’t the best, but you can get used to them after a while.  Tracks are composed of random segments (at times, ridiculously random, by the way) with a variety of obstacles, pick-ups (you can get extra gas along the way) and jumps.  After every track, you can opt to replay the same track, have it randomly make another track or send the track to a friend, challenging them to beat your time.  Fun, fun pickup game that you can clear in a minute or two at a time. [iTunes]


Reckless Getaway

In this top-down driving game, you control a getaway car, zipping through the streets and avoiding the police chasing after your tail.  As gorgeous as the graphics are, the level design is the real star here, forcing you to weave through traffic, perform wild stunts and creatively move other vehicles out of the way to keep the law out of your loot.  While the level-unlocking system (you have to get enough stars to access further levels) is not my cup of tea, the actual action driving sequences are immensely entertaining, which make up a lot for the hassle of repeatedly playing the same roads to earn enough stars.  Pure driving mayhem at its finest.  [iTunes]


Lane Splitter

Know those assholes riding big bikes that squeeze in between lanes to pass you by?  Well, that’s you in this game.  You earn points based on how many cars you pass, as well as how long you stay on the bike without getting hit by a soccer mom who had a bad day at work (or something like that).  The gameplay is basic avoidance with a motorcycle twist, but it’s a lot of fun.  Control of the bike is handled by tilt motions, with the vehicle doing a wheelie when you touch and hold the screen.  Wheelies make you go faster, but also makes it difficult to avoid cars in the game, many of which will also be changing lanes themselves.  One of those simple, addictive riding games that will eat up an hour without you even realizing it. [iTunes]


Mini Motor Racing

In terms of presentation, this top-down arcade racer has to be one of the most impressive: high-quality visuals, rocking soundtrack, and very fast frame rate.  While the gameplay isn’t perfect (at later levels, the AI will be ridiculously mean to you), it boasts one of the most accurate controls we’ve ever played, apart from being downright fun.  Both a quickplay and a career mode are available, as well as local multiplayer.    If you want an arcade racer with smart controls, striking visuals and loads of fun, you can’t go wrong picking this title up. [iTunes]


Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

As fun as Asphalt 6 is to play, it was really a disappointment.  Why?  Because it brought nothing new to the table from its predecessor.  If you haven’t played Asphalt 5, though, then this is a great game to get into the series — the environments are beautifully-detailed, the driving is reckless and wild, and the controls are fantastic.  Oh yeah, the cars drive more like a comet than a car (complete with an Adrenaline mode that turns your car into an invincible and godly wrecking ball), so it’s about as chaotic an arcade racer as you can ask for.   [iTunes]


DrawRace 2

A unique racer, this game has you drawing a line around the tracks, moving your finger quickly or slowly, depending on how fast you want your car to run.  Then, you start the race and watch your vehicle follow the course you set (all you get for control is a turbo button, in case you want your car to speed up a little).  Why not just speed through drawing the line so your car is the fastest?  Because you need to compensate for banks and turns, as the physics of driving actually matter in the game.  Do it incorrectly and your car can end up crashing.   The single-player campaign is massive, with 180 challenges over 36 different tracks.  In some ways, this is more of a puzzle than an action racing game, as you’ll have to figure out how to navigate each course most efficiently.  Very challenging, though.  [iTunes]