8Bitdo GBros Adapter Lets You Use The GameCube Controller Wirelessly On The Nintendo Switch


There’s never been a clear consensus about the best Nintendo controller of all time. For many people we know, however, the honor belongs to the funky GameCube from 2001, whose controller continues to be favored by Super Smash Bros enthusiasts. And with Super Smash Bros Ultimate coming in December, it’s no surprise folks are looking for ways to use the gamepad with the Switch. The 8Bitdo GBros Adapter makes doing that easy.

We know, Nintendo has their own GameCube adapter for the console, which is designed for use with the dock, allowing you to use the controller when you’re playing a game at home. Sure, that works well enough, although it also means you won’t be able to use the controller when playing a round of the outfit’s fighting series when you’re out on the road, essentially negating the console’s portability. That’s not the case here.


The 8Bitdo GBros Adapter doesn’t connect to the dock, relying instead on Bluetooth to pair with the Switch wirelessly. This allows you to not just use the GameCube controller without having to dock the console at home, but to use it while playing in the living room TV without having to deal with a wire that stretches from the media cabinet all the way to the couch. The only downside? It can only be used with one controller at a time, a far cry from the four ports available on Nintendo’s very own adapter.

Aside from working with the GameCube controller, the device is also compatible with the NES Classic controller, the SNES Classic Controller, and the Wii Classic controller, so you can try playing various Switch games with Nintendo’s different gamepads, in case you want to affirm the GameCube’s superiority over the field. There’s even a switch on the device that allows you to toggle whether you want it to pair with a Switch or a Windows PC, so you can use your legacy controllers to wirelessly enjoy any PC title (although, let’s be honest, you’re only using it to play ROMs).


When connected to a Switch, the two buttons on the left side of the 8Bitdo GBros Adapter function as Home and Screenshot buttons (so you don’t have to get up and walk over to the console), although we’re not sure what functions those controls play when it’s hooked up to a Windows PC. It powers using a single AA battery, although there’s no word on how long a fresh cell can last. Considering Bluetooth 4’s low power consumption, though, we imagine you won’t have to swap batteries all that often (unless, you know, you’re playing non-stop).


In case you don’t have a working GameCube controller, by the way, Nintendo has a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition GameCube Controller, which, we’re guessing, many people planning to buy the game are also picking up. At $30, we imagine that’s a lot better than trying to find an original controller from eBay or, worse, a Chinese knockoff on Amazon.

The 8Bitdo GBros Adapter is available now.

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