Adidas Stan Smith 80s TF Goes From High-Top To Low-Top In One Zip

Shoes with zippers always look stupid. The Adidas Stan Smith 80s TF does too. Of course, it completely redeems itself by being able to transform from a high-top to a low-top (and vice versa) with a swift zipping motion.

A part of Adidas’ Originals 2010 collection for the spring and summer months, the “TF” series feature iconic models getting the dual-purpose treatment. The retro tennis classic is among the first to drop in stores (along with the Superstar) with the nifty transformable design.

In low-top mode, the Adidas Stan Smith 80s TF looks like a regular pair of kicks, save for the odd-looking zipper rail sewn just over the soles. A removable high-top upper can then be fixed in using the toothed edges, turning out a completely different-looking pair. While the results aren’t exactly the kind of thing shoe fetishist dreams are made of, it is a pretty original take on erstwhile classic sneakers.

They’re calling the new transformable line “Hide and Seek,” which is quite the fitting moniker. I doubt I’ll pick up one, but I’m sure more than a few folks would find the two-in-one stylings a bit more up their alley. Personally, what I want is an Adidas-Dr. Martens-Havaianas mashup with a 24-eye pair of boots that can transform into Air Jordans that can transform into Stan Smiths that can transform into flip-flops. Sure, that sounds stupid, but I’d rock that with all the pride of a five-year old girl wearing her favorite tutu. Yeah.

The Adidas Stan Smith 80s TF is now available from several select retailers, though we can’t find the exact pricing.

[via Hypebeast]