This Exploding Ball Disperses Fire-Extinguishing Chemicals Across A 100-Foot Radius


Fire extinguishers are great, allowing you to quickly extinguish fires by simply spraying down on the flames. Problem is, quelling down a growing blaze takes time, apart from requiring you to come close enough to the flames that you could risk getting burns. That won’t be a problem for the AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball.

Unlike regular fire extinguishers, this one isn’t designed to be sprayed onto a burning object. Instead, you simply throw it in the direction of the fire, after which it will detonate on its own and disperse fire-extinguishing chemicals across a large radius. That’s right, the darn thing is, essentially, a fire-extinguishing grenade.


The AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is a spherical object measuring 7 inches in diameter, with a full load of non-toxic fire suppressants inside, ready to deploy when needed. It’s designed to activate and disperse chemicals within five seconds of coming in contact with fire, so you can simply throw it like a basketball or roll it like a bowling ball into the heart of the blaze. Even better, it will spread the chemicals across a radius of up to 107 square feet, so a single one can put out a moderate blaze all on its own. Just make sure to have more on tap for those times the fire is a little bigger than a single one can handle.

Available now, the AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is priced at $60.

Let us take a closer look at the working of this fire-extinguishing gadget to see if is worth the asking price or not.

Design and Build Quality – This fire extinguisher comes in a compact and attractive body shaped like a large ball. The product comes with the dimensions of 7 x 7 x 7 inches and weighs in at about 2.9 pounds. The build quality of this AFO fire extinguisher is solid and sturdy. The product is built by making use of multiple high quality and high tech materials. This fire extinguisher is quite easy to use and requires no training to use thanks to its ergonomic design. The gadget is painted in red and white with stripes resembling flames present throughout the surface. The small footprint of this device allows it to be placed anywhere around the house and the bright eye-catching design ensures that it will be easy to find in the case of emergency. The included stand for the AFO fire-extinguishing ball is also of very high quality.

Installation Process – The ergonomic design of this product allows it be installed anywhere around the house within a matter seconds. The AFO fire extinguishing ball comes bundled with a specially designed stand that can be mounted anywhere around the house. This stand can be used to place this fire-extinguishing ball in places that are prone to fires such Class B fires and fires produced due to flammable liquids.

Working – The working of this process is simple and straightforward. You do not need any training to operate this device. You can just throw it like a ball towards the fire from a distance and it will automatically activate when it encounters fire. When it comes in contact, it takes just 3-5 seconds to detonate. When it detonates, it sprays the fire in a full 360-degree motion to ensure proper extinguishing of the fire. There is an activation strip present inside, which when exposed to flames actuates within a matter of seconds. The chemicals inside this product that are used to extinguish the fire are non-toxic and do not cause any harm to living organisms and the surroundings.It has the ability to extinguish afire in an area with a radius between 87 and 107 square feet.

This Fire Extinguisher Ball comes with a stand that comes in handy when you want to place it in a fire prone area so that it can extinguish the fire even if nobody is around. This feature comes in handy at all times in locations inside the house such as the kitchen and garage. This device will take care of any unexpended fires even if you are not around.

This product can be used for extinguishing fires started from all kinds of sources. It is suitable for use on materials such as wood, liquids, papers and many others.

 Safety Features – This tiny little package comes with many useful safety features. The feature that makes it so secure is the auto activation system. Thanks to this system, you are not required to be in close proximity of the fire to extinguish it. You can throw the ball at the fire from a distance to extinguish it. The gadget has the ability to self-activate at a temperature of around 158 degrees Fahrenheit. The small size makes it ideal for elderly people, kids and females as well who cannot handle larger and more complex fire extinguishing systems. Another great safety feature present inside the AFO Fire Extinguishing Ball is the fire alarm. When the gadget encounters fire, it emits a fire alarm with a sound level of around 138db.

Pricing and Conclusion – The AFO fire-extinguishing ball is priced at around 60$. The pricing includes a specially designed stand and the fire-extinguishing ball.

This product comes with a plethora of safety features including an automatically activating strip, ergonomic design and built-infire alarm. The auto activation feature allows it to detonate automatically when it encounters fire. This feature makes it very safe to use, as unlike most other conventional fire extinguishing solutions, you are not required to get close to the fire and in some cases not required to do anything at all, as this device can automatically activate and extinguish thefire.

The easy to use nature and lightweight body of this product make it a great buy especially for elderly people, females and children who cannot use other heavier and complex fire extinguishing products. This is such a safety device that every home should own, this makes extinguishing fires easy and safer. For just 60$, you are getting a well-rounded and versatile fire extinguisher that is easy to use.

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