Ziniz Saviore Puts The Fire Extinguisher In A Sweet-Looking Package


It looks like a fancy Thermos, a large bottle of shaving cream, or a luxury storage capsule. The Ziniz Saviore, however, isn’t any of that. Instead, it’s a redesigned version of the fire extinguisher, so you can keep the safety essential within reach without creating an ugly eyesore around the house.

That’s right, it’s a better-looking fire extinguisher – one that’s not meant to be hidden under the sink or a cabinet somewhere. You can mount this up the wall, show it off on a shelf, and place it anywhere in plain sight without adding a distraction that can ruin an erstwhile meticulously decorated interior.


The Ziniz Saviore puts the fire extinguisher inside a compact canister that’s barely bigger than most bug sprays and weighs around a pound and a half, ensuring even your kids can use it to put out raging flames in a pinch. It uses non-toxic agents, so it’s perfectly safe to use anywhere in the house. Since it’s quite the compact canister, each one only holds a small amount of the fire-quelling agents, so you might want to keep a few of them around to make sure you have enough for a slightly larger blaze.


Each one includes a mounting plate with a magnet on the front panel, which you can screw onto a wall for easily snapping the canisters on and off. It comes in a variety of shiny finishes.

Slated for availability in May, the Ziniz Saviore Fire Extinguisher is priced at $3,980.

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