Alpinist Is A Camera Case For The Truly Rugged Point-And-Shoot User

Ruggedized cameras are sweet.  But their looks are often questionable.  And they’re usually too bulky to slip into a pocket for regular, everyday use.  If you’d rather use the point-and-shoot you already have for taking shots while climbing rocks in the alps, you can get the same ruggedized protection by enclosing it in the Alpinist Camera Case.

Designed specifically for mountain climbing enthusiasts who’d like to bring a compact snapper along, the case can be hooked onto your backpack strap, climbing harness or belt loop to keep the camera within easy reach.  Sure beats having to reach into your backpack when you suddenly catch sight of a chupacabra out of the corner of your eye (hopefully, you brought the Midnight Shot Camera with you).

The Alpinist’s sexy-looking case is manually assembled from CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum, enclosing your camera in a solid protective armor that’s also water-resistant.  Weighing just a third of a pound, it adds little heft to your ensemble, too, making itself a non-issue with regards to your climbing performance.

The case lid is secured with a magnetic latch (enough for light use) and a safety lock cord (recommended for heavy-duty use), both of which you can open with one hand when you need to take the camera out (so your other hand can still hold on to something stable).  It comes in multiple sizes, too, so you can get one to fit your beefier semi-DSLR models.

You can order the Alpinist Camera Case in a variety of anodized colored finishes, with prices starting at $58.95.