Astro Scout, A Specialty Backpack For Console Gamers

Any moderately-sized rucksack can carry a gaming console.  Throw in the plethora of accessories that  come with modern gaming systems, however, and things begin to get crowded really fast.  If your home console regularly makes its way to other homes, a dedicated gaming backpack like the Astro Scout is probably in order.

Built for “gamers on the move,” the bag boasts a gear-specific design.  That means all inner compartments have been intentionally outfitted to carry an Xbox 360 or a PS3, along with controllers, cables, sunglasses, handhelds, headphones and other accessories, in the most optimal manner.

The Astro Scout contains over 2,200 cubic inches of space, which translates to plenty of stuff you can haul around conveniently.   Thick padding guarantees your gear’s safety, while the lycra-bonded padded backing, two-layer nylon shoulder straps (with 3D mesh) and chest strap sees to it you can carry the bag in comfort.  Organized compartments allow you to stow one console, all accessories and even a few games neatly.  There’s also a side pocket for a water bottle – gaming, after all, can leave you thirsty.

Interior pockets are detachable, allowing you to expand some areas if you find more comfort in a messier pile.  Astro says it can fit a 17-inch gaming laptop too, in case you prefer your gameplay with mouse and keyboard.  In that case, you should be able to use the rest of the compartments for carrying an extra pair of underwear and a shirt – something console gamers aren’t likely to have the luxury of fitting in.

Its creators are billing the Astro Scout as “the most comfortable gaming backpack on the planet.”  From the sound it, they might be right.  You can get one for $79.95.

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