Attitube Barbells And Dumbbells Use Water For Weight

Want to do strength training, but couldn’t be bothered with all those noisy steel plates?  You might want to try the Attitube, an exercise tube you can fill with varying quantities of water to add resistance.

Devised by former pro-wrestler Larry Brun, the training device comes in both barbell and dumbbell forms.  Both carry similar designs, consisting of a tube container (filled with water) that you lift like regular free weights.

The Attitube comes in different sizes to accommodate different maximum weights and  grip.  Each ones comes marked with weight ranges, so you’ll know exactly how much liquid to add or remove when you’re looking at lifting a specific weight.  Brun says they work best when half to three-quarters full, because the motion of the water adds an extra dimension to movements (you’ll need to constantly adjust to balance it) that puts plenty of core muscles to work.

Standard barbells (they call it the Original) measure two inches in diameter, with a weight of 7.5 lbs when packed to the brim.  Dumbbells are of the same thickness, but are considerably shorter at 18 inches.  A Pro version is also supposedly out (we can’t find it in their website), sporting a 6-inch diameter and integrated handles.  All the tubes are made from clear polycarbonate, for visual feedback while you’re working out, and feature a threaded end cap for quickly discharging its contents.

While they aren’t likely to be of much use for ogres benching 300 lbs, Attitubes should prove an excellent alternative for plenty of exercises that require lighter weights.  A set containing the Original barbell and two dumbbells currently retail for $139.95 (Canadian).

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