Bark4Beer Adds Opening Beer Bottles To Your Dog’s Skills, Makes Him Truly Man’s Best Friend


The word boozehound gets literal with the Bark4Beer, a dog collar that comes with its own retractable bottle opener.   Why put a cap popper around the neck of a dog?  So you can wear it on your angry pitbull and scare the hell out of gatecrashers trying to scam free beer from your fridge, that’s why.

Got a trained mutt?  Even better.  Just call it by name, instruct it to come over and you’ve got an instant bottle opener – no need to dig around looking for your pocket multi-tool.


The Bark4Beer is a handheld bottle opener that’s integrated right into the collar.   Simply take it in your hand, pull it (it’s retractable) and pop that cold beer open, all while your loyal buddy sits around in ignorant bliss.  Now, if you can only teach fido to fetch beers too, he can truly be man’s best friend.

That brings me to the question: does the world really need another bottle opener?  Every drunk this side of inebriation have long developed their own ways of opening beers.  I use lighters and spoons;  my buddy cranks the lid open with his fingers (I seriously have no idea how); and a few guys I know just pop it out with their teeth.

If you’re among those who does need another bottle opener (especially one that you can hang around your pet), the Bark4Beer is currently available for only $14.95.  What would you do with it if you don’t have a dog?  Wear it around your neck and be the most important dude in the party, of course.