Benchmade 381 Aller Fumee Is A Multi-Tool For Cigar Aficionados

Anyone who enjoys a good cigar every now and then will probably have a dedicated cigar cutter as part of their EDC stash. It just makes sense, after all, since we never really see multi-tools integrate one into their tool set.  That changes with the Benchmade 381 Aller Fumee, a multi-tool that’s equipped with a cigar cutting function.

To those familiar with Benchmade’s lineup, you’ve probably already heard of the 380 Aller. It’s one of their more popular smaller multi-tools, after all, with fans lauding both its excellent collection of functions and small, sharp blade that’s practically legal everywhere you bring it. Well, the outfit took that and added a cigar cutting function, making it the perfect pocket knife for anyone who keeps a humidor somewhere in their home. Now, if they can only add a cigar stub in the tool set, it will be complete.

The Benchmade 381 Aller Fumee is a modified version of the 380 Aller, adding a cutout on the handle where you can stick the tip of a cigar for cutting it using the integrated blade. It’s a really simple addition that just seems perfectly intuitive, so it really won’t surprise us to see more pocket knives use a similar solution to easily expand a multi-tool’s function list. Specifically, the tool integrates a 56-ring gauge cut-out window into the handle and revised the guillotine blade a bit to provide a perfectly clean cigar cut, making it a genuinely useful tool for all the cigar smokers out there.

Just in case you’re wondering, they appear to have made the tang of the blade thinner on this version of the pocket knife, which should help the blade move much more swiftly while it sits snugly inside the handle, which will be necessary when you’re using the cigar cutter. It’s a very noticeable visual change, by the way, as the original blade has a noticeable section where the top part gets much thicker, while this version of the knife has a side that tapers much more smoothly. From what we can tell, this shouldn’t interfere with more traditional cutting tasks, so the blade should function just fine in regular situations.

The Benchmade 381 Aller Fumee has a blade that measures 1.6 inches long, with the cutting edge taking up that entire length, so should be able to use this for plenty of cutting and slicing tasks. It pairs that blade with a Richlite handle that measures around 3 inches, with the whole thing collapsing to a length of 3.3 inches, so it can fit comfortably in any pocket or pouch. Aside from the blade and the cigar cutter, the tool also includes a screwdriver that can double as a pry tip, a micro-bit slot that can be paired with different bits for various driving tasks, a money clip for stashing bills, a bottle opener, and even a lanyard hole, so you can use it as a key fob. And yes, the darn thing is small enough to serve as a proper key fob, making it even easier to integrate it as part of your EDC stash.

The Benchmade 381 Aller Fumee is available now, priced at $160.

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