Bibo Barmaid Wants To Be The Keurig For All Your Cocktail-Mixing Needs


Mixing up a cocktail is easy enough. Mixing up a dozen cocktails because you’re hosting a party, on the other hand, not so much. That’s when it becomes a good idea to hire someone to mix drinks at your event. That, or just pick up a Bibo Barmaid System.

Designed to help you crank out an expertly-mixed cocktail in just 20 seconds, the device gives you a way to prepare dozens of drinks in just a few minutes. With all ingredients precisely proportioned, the darn things are guaranteed to taste great, too, ensuring your party guests will be served with margaritas, appletinis, and mai tais they can genuinely enjoy.


The Bibo Barmaid is a countertop appliance that can automatically prepare ready-to-drink cocktails using pre-mixed drink pouches. Just fill up the water tank, insert a pouch in the top compartment, pull down the handle, and press “mix.” After that, just place your glass in the dispenser and wait for the 20 seconds it takes to finish the cocktail. From there, you watch your drink get poured, add ice, lace it with garnish, and enjoy.

As of now, the pre-mixed pouches only contain non-alcoholic ingredients for the cocktails, so you’ll still need to throw in spirits and liquors to complete the darn thing. Yeah, it’s not quite the set-and-forget cocktail mixing solution you probably want quite yet. According to the outfit, they’re in the process of producing alcohol-mixed versions, so you won’t have to bother keeping bottles of spirits on hand soon enough. I mean, the whole point of a cocktail-mixing appliance is to both save time and avoid the mess of a makeshift mini-bar.


From what we can tell, all the magic is, basically, in the pre-mixed pouches, which the Bibo Barmaid merely mixes with the water before shooting out of the dispenser (kind of like what many people suspect the Juicero does, despite the company’s claims to the contrary). That’s right, it appears to be a glorified instant juice machine. The appliance even comes with a cocktail shaker, which means you’ll have to do your own shaking if you want to quickly cool it for an ice cold serving, so it’s far from an all-in-one cocktail mixing robot (which, truth be told, is what we really want). We could be wrong, of course, but it would probably be prudent to try out some refill pouches without the appliance and see how it tastes before actually investing in one.

Each appliance comes with a sampler set of Bibo Cocktail pouches, which includes three pouches of different flavors, namely cucumber melon, tangerine Paloma, and margarita. You can also order refill pouches separately, which includes those three cocktails, along with appletini and mai tai. Since the current batch contains no alcohol, the packaging comes with detailed suggestions about the kind of spirits you need to mix and how much of it you need to put in. Oh yeah, if you’re curious about the drink selection, they appear to be marketing this heavily to women for now, so guys and their manly drinks will have to look elsewhere for their cocktail solutions.

The Bibo Barmaid is available now.