Keep Your Bike In Tip-Top Shape: Cycle Care Kit

Bicycles are awesome to ride. With the regular combination of dust, dirt and grease, however, the thing can get plenty dirty plenty fast. Since no one has invented a self-cleaning bicycle yet, you’ll have to primp it up yourself. This Cycle Care Kit will help you perform the deed.

Designed to join your everyday maintenance kit, the set consists of four bottles that you can use to quickly spruce up various parts of your ride. Throw them in your backpack with the rest of your cycling gear and have them within easy reach for all the spring bicycling you’re planning on doing.

The F.A. Seeds Cycle Care Kit comes with four two ounce bottles, each measuring 7 x 4.5 x 1 inches. Set consists of a metal polish (for steel, chrome and tin), a cleaning solution (wash and wax), lubricating oil (for the sprocket and gear) and insect repellent (so flying critters don’t bite you while you’re streaking down the road). Granted, I’d have gladly traded that last one in for double the cleaning solution, but it’s a great addition if you like spending the weekend outdoors with a bike and a Topeak Bikamper tent.

If you just took out your bike from a long hibernation in time for spring, we can’t imagine a better maintenance companion. You can get the set from Uncommon Goods, priced at $15.

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