Supersize Your Face With These Oversized Prints From Big Head Cutouts


Ever seen those giant head cutouts of players during NBA or NFL games that some people are waving in the audience? If you ever wondered where to get those, look no further than Big Head Cutouts.

That’s right, you can get those custom oversized prints of people’s faces right from the comfort of your computer or phone, allowing you to get cardboard cutouts of anyone you want without going through any unnecessary hassles. Want one of your favorite ball player, so you can wave it around at the stand the next time you attend a game? Not a problem. How about printing a bunch of these as a way to greet your kid (and embarrass him immensely) when he comes home from college? Yes, that will work. Want one of Ryan Gosling, so your wife can pretend you’re way better-looking the next time you’re in bed? Uhh… sure, that will work, too.


Big Head Cutouts make their head prints in three sizes: 1.5-foot tall, 2-foot tall, and 3-foot tall.  Both the 1.5-foot and 2-foot tall versions are made from compressed cardboard and comes with an adhesive stick, so you can attach it to the stick to use the latter as a convenient handle, as well as spike it into objects (on the mouth of a bottle, for instance) for showing off hands-free. These are the options recommended for one-time use scenarios, since they’re good enough to last for a decent amount of time (a few days, weeks, or even months are plausible) while coming in at reasonable prices.

The larger 3-foot version, on the other hand, is made with vinyl on the outside and foam board at the core, which should make it more durable than the smaller versions, so you can keep them around for a long time. If you want to keep bringing a Brock Lesnar cutout year after year to Wrestlemania, this will likely be the best pick for your needs. It should also make a nice Christmas present to the favorite narcissist in your family, since you can feed their ego while having a nice laugh around the Christmas tree. Or something.


Big Head Cutouts handle everything from cropping your face in the photo and blowing it up without losing quality to printing it and performing the professional cutting job. All you have to do is order your units, upload a photo, and wait for it to ship to your door. According to the outfit, they send shipments out immediately next day after ordering, so you won’t have to wait long before receiving your finished prints. That’s right, these guys will probably do a faster job than the local print shop, although you will need to put up with however long shipping takes to your location.


For those looking to order in bulk (e.g. you want a few dozen of a birthday celebrant’s face), they also offer Slim cutouts, which are made from flimsier cardboard than the ones they typically use. These ones measures 17 inches tall and come with adhesive sticks for each piece.

The Big Head Cutouts are available now.

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