Blackhawk Media Cabinet: A Macho Trunk For Your Entertainment Center

Any cabinet named after a military aircraft has to be masculine and tough.  The Blackhawk Media Cabinet is exactly that, sporting an aluminum exterior and enough manly accents to make even the least décor-concerned  tough guy in the house sit up to take notice.

Built by Restoration Hardware, the home storage furnishing takes its cues from “the gleaming nose cones and fuselages of [the] mid-20th-century aircraft.”   We’re not sure how much the details really remind people of the Sikorsky S-67 (which, we’re assuming it’s named after), but it sure is one heck of a way to spice up an otherwise drab living room or entertainment center.

The Blackhawk Media Cabinet is a big trunk measuring 59 x 20 x 24 inches.  The actual body is made from solid hardwood, wrapped with an outer layer of hand-polished aluminum.  It has four drawers out front (the two top units are intended for media components, while the bottom ones can be deployed for extra storage), each one lined with black  cotton canvas.  The rear panels of the cabinet are designed to flip down for slipping out wires and running connections out of sight.

Rounded corners give it an aerodynamic feel (just in case you plan to add wheels and race it — tee-hee), while steel screws placed around the body give it  a unique rugged accent.  The overall finish looks vintage, with light distress and (according to RH) “intentional nicks, dings, small scratches and other imperfections.”  And people on eBay actually take issue that the used iPhone 3GS I’m selling has “intentional light body damage for aesthetic purposes” — gah!

You can get the Blackhawk Media Cabinet now, priced at $1,995.

[Restoration Hardware via TheAwesomer]