You Can Grill Steaks And Smoke A Turkey On This Versatile Blaze Tower Fire Pit


It looks like any standard steel fire pit that looks good enough to serve as a legit centerpiece in any backyard. More than heating up your surroundings during colder days of the year, though, the Blaze Fire Tower can pull double duty as a charcoal grill and smoker, so you can whip up meals in the backyard without any extra gear.

That’s right, it’s a fire pit that can be equipped for functional cooking, so you don’t have to bother with picking up a separate grill and smoker for the backyard. It’s generously-sized, too, with enough room to smoke a whole chicken, turkey, or any other big slab of meat in one go, making it a truly handy addition to your home cooking setup.


The Blaze Fire Tower measures 42.6 x 32 x 32 inches (height x width x depth), making it easy to find room for in any outdoor space around the house. Construction is heavy-duty 3/16-inch steel, with a build that renders it impervious to the elements, ensuring you can keep it in the same spot all year round. It comes with two optional accessories:  a cooking kit that turns it into a grill and smoker; and a steel base that raises the grilling area for a more ideal cooking height.


The whole thing can collapse into five separate sections, by the way, with a tab and slot design that allows it to be held together by nothing more than six bolts. Do note, the whole thing weighs almost 200 pounds, so you’ll definitely want to take it apart if you want to move it to another spot.

Available now, pricing for the Blaze Fire Tower starts at $499.

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