These Blueprint Placemats Show You How To Engineer Simple Kitchen Fare

After seeing these Engineering Blueprint Placemats, I now want an entire cookbook rendered as engineering blueprints. These are so awesome. If I had a doomsday device, in fact I will demand that all instructions, recipes and user guides worldwide be converted to exactly this format. Failure to comply will mean the end of civilization as all of mankind knows it.

Created by Awkward Engineer, it’s a set of placemats printed with an engineering-style blueprint that shows instructions for making dead-simple kitchen fare. We’re not kidding with the dead-simple part, by the way — these are things even your children can make when they get hungry and nobody else is home, so the recipe blueprints are more novelty than utility. Still, they’re so awesome, with the blueprints making the preparation of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich look like a technical feat requiring unbridled precision.

The Engineering Blueprint Placemat Set consists of four mats with different drawings printed on each, namely peanut butter and jelly, banana split, ants on a log, and S’mores. All the drawings come complete with multiple graphical views, labels, and all the usual parts found in conventional engineering blueprints. The placemats are all heavy duty, with each one measuring 11 x 17 x 0.31 inches, so you can use it like any of the protective placemats set down on your Piano Dining Table.

Again, I reiterate, the world needs to turn every instruction, recipe, and user guide into an engineering blueprint. It’s the only way man’s destiny can be fulfilled. In the meantime, you can pick up the Engineering Blueprint Placemat Set for $19.50.

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