Bremach T-Rex Truck: Compact, Rugged And Available With An Electric Drivetrain

Tough guys deserve rugged rides.  And when a Land Rover is too small and a full-size truck is too big, the Bremach T-Rex is just the perfect vehicle to steal your attention.

Styled to offer maximum cab space while staying compact, the truck measures just 69.7 inches wide, leaving every backroad and tight space an easily manageable drive.  With 11 inches of ground clearance and  a 31-inch fording capability, it should be capable of handling any difficult terrain.

The Bremach T-Rex has an exoskeleton cab that looks boxier than usual, which turns out to be surprisingly attractive.  It goes beyond being veritable eye candy, though, as that frame essentially doubles as a virtual roll cage.  The space-frame will reputedly handle 5 Gs of force, which you can imagine as a top-fuel dragster going from 0 to 100 mph in around 0.9 seconds smashing into you.  That’s wicked strong.

One of the slim truck’s most notable features is the variety in power options.  You can outfit it with a regular gas or diesel engine for weekend outdoor use (standard offerings are a 323-hp GM Vortec V-8 and a 325-hp Cummins I-6).  If you’d like some green cred to go with your burly everyday ride, you can score it with a plug-in setup consisting of a 114-volt VLV motor and a 100kW battery module,  which sets it up for a 65 mph top speed and a 150-mile range.

As with most specialty rides, they offer plenty of options in parts for this full-time 4×4, so you can geek out on specs when ordering one.  Price starts at $120,000.  You can check out Bremach’s website to learn more.

[Bremach T-Rex]