Bubbly Blaster Turns Any Bottle Of Champagne Into An Alcoholic Water Pistol


Remember the Champagne Gun? You know, that toy that turned an erstwhile regular bottle of sparkling wine into an alcohol-powered Super Soaker. It’s awesome and all, but taking up both hands sure isn’t fun when you’re trying to enjoy yourself at a party. The Bubble Blaster offers a one-handed alternative.

That’s right, this blaster lets you squirt champagne like a pistol, so you can spray the drink in someone’s face while using your other hand for something else. You know, like holding a half-eaten burger, a half-drunk can of beer, or your iPhone, so you can still eat, drink, and check your Facebook feed while amusing yourself by soaking people in the celebratory beverage.


Unlike the Champagne Gun, which mounts the champagne bottle horizontally, the Bubbly Blaster mounts the bottle upside down, so the sparkling wine flows straight down to a head that’s connected via tube to the blaster’s spray nozzle. The frame is shaped to accommodate a standard 750ml champagne bottle in that position, tapering down to snugly fit the shrinking dimeter from the body to the neck. That means, this works strictly with sparkling wine bottles, so you can change up your ammo, in case you run out of the champagne to load on the blaster, but you’ll need to have some sparkling wine on standby.

To set up a bottle on the blaster, simply set down the bottle on the table, pop in the connecting head on the bottle’s mouth until it’s locked flush, and flip the whole thing over, cradling the contoured sections in your hand with a pistol grip. From there, you just pull on the trigger and let it rip, blasting everyone in your way with a hit of that tasty celebratory wine.


The Bubbly Blaster can spray the beverage at distances of up to 30 feet, depending on the temperature and how bubbly the drink is, so you will want to give it a good shake before pulling the trigger if you’re going for maximum range. When attached to the bottle, by the way, the squirt blaster doubles as a bottle stopper, sealing the champagne in its air-tight container, so the drink stays well-carbonated the whole time. According to the outfit, you can even load a bottle on the blaster, spray some of it for practice, and place the whole assembly back in the fridge for later use – the champagne will remain fresh and bubbly the next time you take it out.


Construction is aluminum and brass for the blaster, while the head that inserts to the bottle is cut in food-safe rubber and plastic, so this should be durable enough to withstand the usual rowdiness at parties. The outfit also sells a variety of accessories for the blaster, including a phone cradle (so you can record all the champagne spray you unleash from the blaster’s point of view), a video mount (in case you want to record with a GoPro or some other camera), and a Blaster Pro attachment that lets you mount other bottle sizes to the rig, allowing you to use wine, beer, and other beverages for ammo.

The Bubbly Blaster is available now, priced at $99.99.

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Champagne gun (Gold)
  • Shoot champagne up to 23 feet for 45 seconds