Cabin Bus Is A Double-Decker Hotel On Wheels Serving LA And SF Travelers


There’s no shortage of bus services ready to transport passengers between LA and San Francisco. All of them, however, expect you to sit on a bench for the entire duration of that eight-hour trip – not exactly the most comfortable way to travel. Cabin, a new bus service, changes that.

More of a “hotel on wheels” than a standard bus, the double-decker swaps out the chairs and benches in favor of private cabins, where individual passengers can climb in and spend the trip sleeping it off in perfect comfort. And, yes, emphasis on sleeping, since every bus in the fleet only follows one schedule: they leave at 11PM and arrive at 7AM (Pacific Time). It’s a very Silicon Valley idea, since you’re essentially getting two things done (traveling and sleeping) at the exact same time.


The interior of Cabin’s private rooms measure just 75 x 25 x 25 inches (length x width x height), so there’s not much you can really do in it other than lay on your back, on your side, and on your stomach, whichever position you find most comfortable for sleeping. Each one comes equipped with a bed, complimentary ear plugs (so you can’t hear the snoring), a reading light, charging outlets, a window shade, and curtains to cover up the entryway, which you can leave open if you prefer people watching you sleep for any reason whatsoever.

In case you don’t want to spend eight hours lying on your back, each bus comes with a communal lounge area, where passengers can stretch, sit down like on a regular bus, or just socialize with the other people who can’t quite catch sleep. Oh yeah, they have nighttime tea on tap, so maybe you can sip on some of that at the lounge (there’s also some light snacks) while waiting for that sleepy sensation to finally come around.


Each Cabin bus has free Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected throughout the trip, allowing you to clear your inbox, watch YouTube clips, or spend the wee hours of the morning swiping at people on Tinder. If you frequently get thirsty at night, they have complimentary water, along with brewed coffee in the morning so you can get your hit of caffeine before heading to work, hotel, or wherever else you’re going. Of course, they have a full bathroom at the ground floor, which comes with a flushable toilet, a sink with running water, and a variety of sanitation products, although being the sole bathroom means you might occasionally have to get in line and wait for your turn.

According to the outfit, each passenger is allowed to bring in two luggage bags, which will both go in the luggage compartment of the bus, although they allow passengers to have one carry-on bag they can bring to their stations. Food and alcoholic drinks are not allowed, although all non-alcoholic refreshments and small snacks (like energy bars) should be fine.

Tickets for Cabin’s San Francisco and LA routes start at $115 for one-way trips.

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