Cafflano Klassic Crams A Coffee Grinder, Brewer And Cup In A Single Portable Tumbler


How many coffee-making appliances can you cram into one tumbler-sized package? A lot, apparently, as shown by the Cafflano Klassic, a portable all-in-one that you can use to prepare and enjoy coffee from beginning to end.

Don’t let the looks fool you. While it looks like an ordinary coffee tumbler (you know, the kind you can get off the shelf at Starbucks), it’s actually a versatile little container that you can use to grind your beans, cook the grounds, and sip your freshly-brewed drink.


For grinding your favorite beans, the Cafflano Klassic comes with a hand-milled ceramic burr grinder, which can be folded away inside the tumbler for easily transporting. The upper part of the cup serves as a drip kettle, with a metal filter dripper for cooking your beans after grounding. To use, simply start by placing the filter dripper on top of the tumbler and screwing the grinder over it. Place your beans on the grinder and turn the hand-crank until they’re all powdered down to the filter, at which point you then remove the grinder and begin pouring boiling water from the drip kettle. A built-in hole in the kettle will automatically limit the amount of water you’re poring, ensuring the coffee is drip-brewed in an efficient manner.


The grinder even comes with coarseness settings, so you can experiment with various adjustments until you find your preferred grind, with the tumbler able to hold 450 ml of beverages. Oh yeah, the tumbler is also insulated, so you can save your coffee for later and still enjoy it hot.

Originally a Kickstarter project, the Cafflano Klassic is available now, priced at £64.99.

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