Use The Campfire Defender To Keep Your Coals Warm Early In The Morning


It looks like an ordinary fire blanket. You know, those things you lay over the fire pit to extinguish flames and protect the coals from the elements before you tuck in at night. Except, the Campfire Defender does much more, controlling the airflow and temperature under its cover to ensure the coals stay warm, making it easier to start a fire come morning.

Using an aluminum vent installed on the fabric, it manages both airflow and temperature under the cover, slowing down the burn rate of the coals to keep them hot for up to eight hours. It does this while keeping the pit fully covered, shielding it from rain and snow while preventing ember from escaping and creating a fire hazard.


The Campfire Defender is made from a proprietary glass fiber material, allowing it to withstand temperatures under 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. During use, you will need to stake the blanket on the ground to prevent wind from blowing it out of place, as well as adjust the vent opening to your desired airflow (the bigger the opening, the longer the coals stay hot). To fully extinguish the fire, simply close the vent completely to cut off oxygen flow.

Do note, they recommend placing it over a fire only when the flames are six inches or shorter, as it will produce the least smoke while prolonging the coals for the longest period. It weighs a hefty 15 pounds, though, so it will add a bit of load to your gear.

Available now, the Campfire Defender is priced at $249.95.

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