Use The Capboom To Open Beer Bottles Like Celebratory Champagne


We’re big fans of the Cap Zappa and its ability to get bottle caps flying like a miniature Frisbee, making the erstwhile banal act of opening bottles a whole lot more fun. If what you want is to see bottle caps jumping off like a champagne cork soaring through the air during celebrations, then the Capboom just might be more along your tastes.

While it looks like any regular bottle opener, the contraption actually comes with a novel design that allows you to pop bottle caps open with heavy force, turning them into projectiles that can soar through the air at high speeds instead of simply falling down on the ground. Whether you’re opening beer bottles, soda bottles, or any other type of beverage, this thing is going to make it a whole lot more fun.


Depending on the amount of force you use, the Capboom can send bottle caps flying at speeds of up to 60 mph across distances of over 30 feet. And, yes, that action comes accompanied by a satisfying sound that makes cracking a bottle of beer feel like you’re popping champagne bottles open. It comes in a larger-than-usual form factor for bottle openers, although it’s still compact enough to fit into a pants pocket.


Construction is stainless steel for the actual bottle opener, which is encased in a colorful plastic housing. And, yes, it will work with any conventional bottle with either a pry-off or twist-off cap.

Capboom is opening a Kickstarter campaign later this month. Pledges to reserve a unit start at $9.

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