Casper Lounger Could Be The Dorm Room Seating Furniture You’ve Been Looking For


Casper shook up an industry a while back with their direct-to-consumer mattresses, which came boxed like regular packages, making it a whole lot easier to ship than more traditional options. And, yes, we’re still impressed by the fact that they came up with the idea to box those awkward things. The outfit has grown quite big since then, launching additional products on top of their signature mattresses. The Casper Lounger, the outfit’s newest creation, has to be one of our favorites.

A long and narrow mattress, the rig can be used as a narrow bed for napping, although we have a feeling your actual bed will still work better for that purpose. With that said, it can work as an emergency bedding when a friend needs to sleep over and spend the night. Instead, it’s designed as an alternative to beanbags and chairs, all while being flexible enough to serve different purposes.


The Casper Lounger consists of a mattress and a rigid shell clad in the shape of a legless chair. The idea is to use that shell to transform the mattress’ function, since the shell can securely hold the mattress in place while providing a suitable backrest for comfortable lounging. You can, for instance, push the rolled-out mattress into the shell to make it a chaise lounge of sorts. Since the mattress is thin enough, it can also be easily folded, allowing you to fold it a couple of times to get a slightly elevated chair. Simply put, there’s a good load of options you can take here, allowing you to turn an erstwhile simple mattress-and-shell setup into different kinds of lounging furniture.

As you can imagine, this is aimed at the college crowd, since this is exactly the kind of thing that will work out great for dorm rooms. Given that the shell is collapsible and the mattress can, pretty much, be hidden under the bed, the darn thing easily checks all the boxes of what dorm furniture should be like. It also comes with an elastic band that you can use to secure the mattress when it’s folded to its most compact size, so it will take up very little space while sitting out of sight when not in use.


The Casper Lounger’s mattress measures 72 x 20 inches (length x width), so this can make for a reasonably-sized sleeping pad for most individuals. The shell is made from hard plastic, with the mattress cut in 100 percent polyurethane foam that’s covered by a fabric made from a polyester and spandex blend. It weighs 13 pounds.

As with the outfit’s other products, the convertible lounger comes with a 100-day trial warranty, which means you can use it for a full 100 days and receive a full refund if you decide to return it anywhere within the period. In case you’re curious, there’s no chance you’ll get a returned mattress, since all returned products are donated by the company instead of being repackaged.

Available exclusively at Target, the Casper Lounger is priced at $120.

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