Use The Cat Jenga To Build Adorable Kitty Towers And Pyramids


We’re not sure if you can actually play a satisfying game of Jenga with this Cat Jenga, since any structure you build with this thing looks certain to take a catastrophic collapse if you remove a single cat near the bottom of the pile. If you can, great. If you can’t, still great, since who wouldn’t want to spend a lazy afternoon stacking wooden felines into giant cat towers and pyramids?

Made by COMMA, it’s a set of wooden cat figures that you can stack on top of one another to build tall and likely unstable cat structures. Kinda like that Big Hug Puzzle, except you stack kittehs instead of shmoos. If you’ve ever harbored dreams of seeing cats form cheerleading pyramids for no reason whatsoever, not only does this grant you that wish, you can enjoy multiple formations many times over.


We’re not sure how many different cat poses they have in the Cat Jenga line, but they do seem to have a heck of a lot.   I mean, seriously, it’s like they covered every normal, goofy, and downright abnormal pose cats are capable of, making for a genuinely fun-looking set. Each of the wooden cats measures approximately 40 x 40 mm, with either teak or maple wood construction.


The catch? Each package of Cat Jenga only comes with six cats, so you’ll have to buy a couple dozen if you want to have a satisfyingly large roster to play with. Which is fine and all, except for the part that each pack costs $15.99, so you might want to give this a little extra thought.

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