Chairpadbag Adds A Folding Chair Cover On A Bag

Hate uncomfortable chairs?  So do we.  So why are schoolkids confined to those  cumbersome seating furniture again?  The Chairpadbag offers a solution, equipping a school bag with chair padding that kids can sling over the backrest and seat to render even the hardest surfaces snug.

Created by Concentrate, the contraption pairs a functional school bag with a special padded flap that can be pulled out after hooking the bag to the backrest.  That way, you’ve got cushy surfaces to rest your body onto, all while keeping your stuff within easy reach.  Assuming you’re a kid, of course.  Not that it’s a bad idea to use one to make sitting through PTA meetings or using the plastic chairs at the fastfood joint more bearable.

The Chairpadbag measures 11.8 x 13.8 inches, with a two-fold flap, sized to cover the seat and backrest on standard school chairs.  Zippered bag container is expandable to allow for more stuff to be crammed in, while the ergonomic strap makes it convenient for children to carry.   It’s made from nylon, with magnets sewn inside to hold the flap, as well as a grippy logo to keep it steady when hooked to a chair.

Since it’s for kids, it only comes in one small size, to discourage forcing the children to carry heavier loads to school.   Chances are, it can fit most smaller laptops too, so you can use it to soften up those nasty chairs while working in coffee shops.  Sure, you’ll look a little out of place carrying child’s gear, but hours of discomfort-free seating should more than make up for it.  Plus, we’re guessing you can look a little lost even without one, so no harm done.  Just kidding.

The Schoolbag Chairpadbag is available from Concentrate for £19.99.