Chef’n Zipstrip Provides A Quick And Easy Way To Strip Leaves From Fresh Herbs

Your kitchen herb garden is growing along nicely, providing a fresh supply of dill, thyme, and rosemary any time you need to use their flavor in your meals.  If you’re going to use fresh herbs this much, you’re going to need a way to quickly prepare them for cooking and the Zipstrip sounds like it should be an indispensable part of your kitchen.

Made by Chef’n, it’s a spoon-like tool that lets you strip herb leaves from their stems in a manner that’s both quick and clean.  Even better, the stripped leaves are collected straight into the integrated bowl — no need to carefully perform your stripping over an additional cup.

The Chef’n Zipstrip comes with four different sizes of holes along the handle where you insert various woody and stemmed herbs, then simply pull them to strip the leaves, making quick work of picking off an entire pile of herbs.  Clearly marked measurement lines that let you gauge by tablespoon and milliliter are integrated on the collecting bowl, letting you easily ascertain whether you’ve picked off enough fresh leaves for the tarragon dressing you’re preparing.  It’s small, too, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding space for it even in the most crowded kitchen drawers.  Construction is plastic.

You can order the Chef’n Zipstrip from Amazon, priced at $7.95.

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