Clip Grip Straps A Convenient Handle To Any Glass, Cup, Or Bottle


Mugs are awesome, mostly because they have handles, allowing you to grip them more securely than other types of drinking vessels. Problem is, those same handles make them take up more space on the cupboard than necessary. The Clip Grip offers a temporary alternative.

A strap-on silicone accessory, the contraption can attach onto any cylindrical drinking vessel, immediately giving it a convenient handle similar to those on a regular mug. Whether you want to add a handle to a pint, a bottle, or a travel mug, just strap it down around the body and you’re set.


The Clip Grip consists of a handle with a strap on each end, so it can grip the drinking vessel at two sections for a secure hold. Belt-style holes in the strap and two clasps on the opposite side allows you to lock the straps at different lengths, so they can fit flush on water bottles, beer pints, and mason jars alike. The clasps, by the way, never touch the drinking vessel, as they’re designed to sit just a hair from the surface, so it won’t nick or scratch your more expensive glassware. Reinforced structural support at the end of the handles ensure durable function, allowing it to support large cups filled with your favorite drinks. In fact, the handle and the straps are rated to support up to 30 pounds of weight, so you can even attach them to some light dumbbells for kettlebell-like use.

According to the outfit, the combination of the silicone material and the secure clasps will ensure there’s no chance of the drinking vessel slipping off the handle, provided you wrap it flush around the container’s shell. Because the straps are highly adjustable, you can place it anywhere along the height of the drinking cup, so you can place the handle higher, lower, or right smack in the middle like a standard mug.


Since the Clip Grip allows you to hold the drink using the handle, it also serves a function similar to a koozie, since it keeps your hand off the bottle, preventing it from warming your beer a whole lot faster (they say it can keep the drink 3.5 times longer). Designed for both hot and cold drinks, the silicone material can withstand temperatures between –40 degrees and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it with both your hot coffee in the morning and your ice cold beer at night.


While it makes for a great way to add mug functionality to any drinking vessel, the outfit claims that the accessory should be extremely useful for people with arthritis, nerve damage, and neurological impairments. You know, folks who could have a hard time gripping a slippery glass of cold water. Basically, this thing should make holding the drinking vessel a whole lot easier, all while working with any glass, cup, or bottle you have around the house.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Clip Grip. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $15 a pair.

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