Shot In A Pint Combines Two Glasses In One

Can’t decide whether you want a beer or a shot from the half-finished bottle of whiskey you opened last week?  How the hell would you know which glass to get from the cupboard?  With the Shot in a Pint Drinking Glass, you can let go of the mental debate.

Packing both a pint glass and a shot glass in the same frame, the dual-purpose drink fulfillment apparatus lets you enjoy both beer and spirits without mixing up their taste.  Simply turn the glass over once you’re done with the beer and you’re ready for the hard stuff, and vice versa.

The Shot in a Pint Drinking Glass  measures 7 inches tall, with space for 7 ounces of beer on one side and a 2-oz shot on the other.  Granted, you can’t have both drinks on hand at the same time, but if you’re trying to cut down the dirty glasses you need to wash later, we can’t imagine a better solution.  Well, other than drinking straight from the bottle, of course (or quitting the habit altogether, but we doubt that’s your style).

Personally, I can’t decide if it’s brilliant or pointless.  Like a Taylor Swift song.  Twenty bucks get you a pair of the glasses to add to your shot glass/pint glass collection, with an extra five cents to spare.