Connect Charlie Puts Nine USB Ports And Three AC Outlets In A Single Power Adapter


You’re so Illuminati even your charger is a pyramid. That’s what you can tell your conspiracy nut friends after you give them the Connect Charlie, a triangle-shaped power hub that provides enough outlets to plug in a full dozen devices.

That’s right, it’s a 12-in-1 power adapter that you can use to expand a single wall outlet into a dozen ports for both appliances and gadgets alike. Whether you want to add a mini-fridge, an external GPU, or a USB desk lamp to your work desk, this thing lets you do all that while charging all your consumer electronics, too.


The Connect Charlie comes with three AC outlets in front (one in each corner of the triangle) and nine USB outlets on the sides (three on each side), allowing you to plug in three appliances while charging nine gadgets at the exact same time. All while using up just one wall outlet while you’re at it. Do note, it’s a power adapter, which means the whole thing plugs directly to the wall outlet with no cables involved. That means, no mess of wires to dangle around the house, which is a good thing, although the size of the device (3.8 x 4.2 x 1.2 inches) means there’s a good chance it could block the outlet right next to the one you’re plugging into, which is a bad thing. If you have a single outlet spot on the wall, though, this will be the perfect way to make it a whole lot more useful.

The same adapter form factor means this is incredibly easy to pack into a bag, since you can carry it with neither the messy cables of power strips nor the amount of space they will require. Yes, we wish the three prongs were foldable, too, although the generous dozen outlets do leave us willing to put up with the erstwhile awkward shape.


All three 125-volt power outlets of the Connect Charlie come with integrated surge protection, while the USB slots get 5V5A voltage regulation, ensuring it’s safe to plug your expensive devices on them. Simply put, this thing is designed to keep everything you plug in safe. It has a maximum power of 1875 watts, which is comparable to traditional heavy-duty power strips, so you should be able to plug into every slot without encountering any problems during use.


An integrated night light makes it extra useful to have during the wee hours, giving you a reason to keep the thing plugged in at a strategic place in your home, whether in the bedroom, the living room, or whatever areas of the house you need to come through when going to the bathroom. Aside from the house, this is an ideal accessory to have within reach, whether you’re heading off to work, going to the airport for a trip, or visiting another office for a meeting, as it gives you a simple way to give all your devices a place to plug in.

Want one? The Connect Charlie is available now.

Connect Charlie Charlie
  • 12-in-1 power adapter has 9 USB ports and 3 outlets that safely charges all your devices