Couchmaster Cybot Makes Working From The Couch A More Comfortable Experience

We’re big fans of lap desks. They let you work pretty comfortably even while in bed, on the couch, or even on the floor. If you never found a use for them, we bet you’re finding them useful now that you’re stuck self-isolating at home for the immediate future. While most any lap desk will certainly help you get work done at home, we imagine the Couchmaster Cybot will take your on-the-couch productivity to the next level.

Packing a bit more features than your standard lap desk, the contraption is designed to enable an ergonomic working posture, so you can work at home without ruining your back. Whether you’re working from the couch, the bed, or the living room floor because your whole family’s occupying the couches, this thing should help get your work done in a reasonably comfortable manner.

The Couchmaster Cybot consists of a traditional lap desk and a pair of support cushions on either side, so you don’t have to balance the darn thing on your lap, all while giving you a convenient place to rest your arms while you type away on the keyboard. The desk has a designated space on the left for your laptop, a built-in mousepad on the right for your favorite navigation peripheral, and even a tablet stand, so you can type your report and look at data on separate screens simultaneously. We know, it’s not as convenient as the three-monitor setup you got going at work, but unless you’ve got the room to kit out a full home office, we have a feeling it’s as good as it gets if you want to get your work tasks done while you’re shuttered inside the house.

According to the outfit, the desk should fit any size of laptop up to 17 inches, so unless you’re using one of those gaming monstrosities from back in the day, it should accommodate your work laptop just fine. There’s a built-in grille right on the laptop section, by the way, so air can freely circulate to and from your machine, in case the vents are situated at the bottom, while a built-in wrist pad below the mousepad ensures your right hand is comfortable the whole time. There’s an integrated mouse pocket in front, by the way, so you can keep your mouse on the lap desk even when it’s not in use and an accessories pocket on the left side for chargers, cables, and other peripherals.

The Couchmaster Cybot is made from bamboo, so it should hold up well past the quarantine period that you’re working from home, while a Kevlar cushion out front ensures it doesn’t damage easily even when you’ve got rowdy kids knocking into you while you type away on the couch. The support cushions, by the way, can be removed from rig, so you can use it like a traditional lap desk, in case you don’t have room in the couch to accommodate large cushions on the sides.

The Couchmaster Cybot is available now.

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