Cut My SIM Turns SIM Into MicroSIM And Back

While I appreciate the even smaller footprint that a microSIM requires, the new SIM card size also means you’ve got another compatibility problem when trying to use the same data and voice plans between different devices.

Some websites have previously listed DIY means to downsize your regular SIM card into the new smaller format. But it requires some shop skills and that’s literally cutting it close, especially if you’ve got the craft-challenged hands of an ogre who’s gone through life smashing every sensitive piece of item you’ve ever laid your hands on (errr…by “you,” I mean “me”). Fortunately, you don’t have to. Not with Cut My SIM, a hole puncher-like machine that cuts your regular SIM cards with no risk of error.

Created by European-based 3GJuice, it eliminates the potential for mistakes by offering a cookie-cutter approach to turning 12 x 25mm cards into the iPad-friendly 12 x 15mm format. From the looks of it, all you’ll have to do is slip the SIM card onto the slot, press down on the cutter and you’re done. It also includes a “Back To Normal” feature that allows you to restore the microSIM into the regular-sized original. We’re not sure how the latter will work, though, because the actual cutter doesn’t look like it’s designed to patch anything back together.

Each Cut My SIM will be handmade, with only 500 units planned for the first edition. You can pre-order now for $29 (or €19.95), with shipments promised for the end of June.

[Cut My SIM via Gizmodo]