Cyglo Night Bright Tyres Turn Your Bicycle Into A Pedal-Powered Light Cycle

Can’t fork the cash for one of those awesome motorized light cycles?  Get your own pedal pushing version instead with the Night Bright, a recently-patented bicycle tire with LEDs embedded right into the treads.

Invented by UK-based Cyglo Tyres, the lights go all around the length of the circular shape, glowing in a perfect ring when the wheels turn.  Aside from the obvious Tron-inspired geek factor, it could prove to be useful lighting for your nighttime bike treks too, allowing my friends to see you well enough to make fun of you (sorry, we hate bike-ridin’ 80s sci-fi fanboys around these parts).  Just kidding.

The Night Bright tires are manufactured with the lights already built into the walls, so there’s no need to fiddle with wires and any additional installation.  Tough and durable LED bulbs are used to allow for city use, although this will likely  be a poor fit for riding  in rugged conditions (e.g. stunts, downhill).  The lights switch on when the embedded motion sensor recognizes movement, while an internal generator supplies all the juice needed to keep the low-powered lights running.

Users can choose to keep the lights on throughout the ride, just like light cycles, or have them flash for an even more attention-grabbing appearance while on the road.  Now, all you have to wait for is a Tron bike suit and you’ll be all set.  With the merchandising for the Tron Legacy movie ramping up, it looks like you won’t have to wait long before one comes out, either.

Cyglo Tyres’ Night Bright design previously won an inventor’s contest on a BBC television show.  They’re currently in the process of securing partners to bring it into production.

[Cyglos Tyres via Urban Velo]