Need A Challenge? Build These Ultra-Delicate Transformers Metal Models From Flat Sheets Of Steel


Building your favorite Transformers robot using LEGO bricks is fun, but the novelty of following instructions and snapping bricks together can get trite after a while. If you’re up for a little more challenge, you might want to spend a weekend assembling these Transformers Metal Models instead.

Shipped as flat-packed sheets of steel, each one comes laser-cut with the necessary parts to build one of the three Transformers models in the set. Just punch each part out, fold them at the prescribed angle, and start putting together your miniature sculpture of a sentient android right out of Cybertron.

Three Transformers Metal Models are available: Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee. Each one can be assembled with no soldering or adhesives, since the parts are designed to snap together using a slot and tab system. Do note that bending the steel will probably take some effort, as well as care, since you don’t want a deformed-looking Transformer that looks like it just got banged up from an intergalactic battle. The product page recommends using tweezers and clippers to accomplish this stage of the build, since the parts are small and somewhat delicate.

Once assembled, each of the models will stand three inches tall, perfect for showing off on your desktop at work to show the girls at the office what you’ve been up to all weekend. Eh… maybe not.

Priced at just $11.99 apiece, these Transformers Metal Models should make for quite a cheap weekend project, too. They’re available now.

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