DrawerDecor Will Organize And Customize Your Messy Drawers

I am a disheveled mess.  And back when I lived alone, so were my stuff.  My kitchen drawers looked like there was a constant tornado happening inside them.  And I barely even cooked.  I doubt even something as awesome as these DrawerDecors could have helped me.

But I would have totally bought them anyway.  I mean, how can you say no?  With multiple pieces of organizing fobs to arrange at will, it’s like Lego for your inner homemaker.  In fact, I would probably spend an entire Sunday fixing up all the kitchen drawers with the utensils, the garage drawers with all the tools and the computer desk drawer with all my gadgets into a structured beauty.  And then mess them all up again by the same time next week.  Ah, the tragedy of a futile life.

Created by Keith Nelson, the DrawerDecor is a modular set of organizers that you can use to bring order to your drawers of all sizes.  Each basic set comes with 16 pieces: one 20 x 14 inch base mat that you can cut to fit, five long dividers (3 x 1 inches), 5 short dividers (1.5 x 1 inches) and 5 triangles (0.72 x 0.72 inch).

The mat is made of sticky food-based silicone, so none of the stuff you set down will end up rolling around.   Since the dividers are modular, you can arrange them any way you see fit, allowing you to customize the holding area for even irregularly-shaped items.

The DrawerDecor comes in five colors: red, lime, sky blue, orange and iris.  Price is $24.95.

[Source via BTLD]