This Indoor Stoop Combines Seat, Storage, And Step Ladder Functions In A Single Piece

A ladder is hardly the most decorative thing to have around.  Yet, when done right, it could very well serve as a terrific accent.  Such is the case with the Indoor Stoop, a three-level partial staircase that’s more than just for climbing the topmost shelf on a bookcase.

Designed to offer both functional seating and storage on top of helping you stay off the floor when a rat is running loose inside the apartment, it’s quite the versatile piece.  Not to mention, it comes with plenty of good looks to spare, so whether in the living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen, this thing definitely looks like it can pull its own weight when it comes to fitting in.

Since it’s styled to look like a staircase landing leading to the house, you and the gang can use the Indoor Stoop for seats just like you’d lounge around in the stoop of your house during lazy summers from more youthful times.  Each step on the ladder features a pull-out drawer with peg board surfaces that you can use for additional storage around the digs.  Dimensions are 19 x 24 x 24 inches (w x h x d), just the right size to sit along an empty corner of a room.  Oh yeah, the steps can serve as extra shelf space, too, for picture frames, plants, and other items you’d like to show off around the house.  And in case you’ve been looking for a cat bed, that bottom drawer looks like it will be perfect for the job.  Just pull it out and throw on a mattress – done.

Made by Thing Industries, the Indoor Stoop retails for $820.

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