Dalt Uses The Ceiling To Give You Additional Storage Space


Cabinets, trunks, and standing shelves make for perfectly awesome storage furniture, unless your home isn’t really generous with available floor space. Fortunately, the wall makes for a perfectly good place to put in additional storage pieces. But what if you’ve maxed out the amount of stuff you can possibly mount up the wall? Enter the Dalt.

Designed by Jordi Iranzo, it’s a storage system that hangs off the ceiling, allowing you to utilize an erstwhile unused part of the house to keep your floors and tables clean of clutter. Whether you need the extra space to put away a stack of seldom-read books, seasonally-used equipment, or a bunch of mint condition toys in unopened packages that you plan to sell on eBay after their values appreciate in a couple years, these things should make for a viable solution to keep them safe and out of the way.


Dalt uses a pulley system to suspend a storage unit up the ceiling, with an anchor on the wall for raising or lowering them as needed. To use, simply clip it onto any container or rack you wish to suspend (wireframe baskets seem ideal), fill it up with gear, and pull it overhead, so you don’t end up hitting your noggin into it every other time. It’s not that much different from storage compartments you can install in the garage, but with an aesthetic that should play nicer with living rooms, kitchens, and other areas of the abode.


Want one? Unfortunately, Dalt appears to only be a concept prototype for now. You can visit Iranzo’s website, though, if you want to learn more.

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