Drinkwel, Multivitamins For The Perpetually Inebriated

Being a heavy drinker has its perks.  All girls look marginally hot all of the time, it’s easy to fall asleep (screw those Ambiens) and everything around you becomes a wonderful blur.  Unfortunately, alcohol also depletes your body of essential nutrients, apart from taxing your liver and making you feel like crap the next day.  Drinkwel, a multivitamin for alcohol drinkers, is just what the drunk doctor ordered.

Specially-formulated for your borderline alcoholic ass, the vegetarian-friendly supplement is designed to let you enjoy your drinking, without any of the accompanying negative effects.  That means no poor health, no splitting headaches and enough energy to make it through the day after.

Drinkwel contains 30 doctor-formulated ingredients, ranging from vitamins (vitamin C, biotin, folic acid), minerals (copper, zinc, manganese), amino acids (taurine, theanine, NAC) and superfruits (acai berry, goji berry, green tea).  Each bottle comes with 90 health-replenishing capsules, designed to supply all vitamins and minerals that alcohol regularly depletes, as well as improve overall liver function.

Recommended intake is three capsules with food and water before you start drinking, plus another three right after.  Of course, whether you’ll remember all that in your perpetually drunk state is another question entirely.  Good luck – we suspect you’re gonna need it.

If you’ve been trying every suggestion for keeping drink-induced hangovers at bay, Drinkwel just might prove to be the solution you’ve been waiting your whole adult life for.  At the least, it offers you a new justification for partaking in regular nightly binges: your supplements will counteract any adverse effects anyway (or so it claims).   It’s available for $39.95 a bottle.