Ergonomic Couch Bowl Comes With Indents And Notches For Gripping Securely In Hand


Bowls are great for eating soups, cereals, and ice cream, but they’re designed to work best when set down on a firm surface like a kitchen island or a dining table. That makes them less-than-ideal when you want to enjoy some chicken noodles while enjoying a movie on the couch. For those times, you’ll want to use the Ergonomic Couch Bowl instead.

Designed to be carried by hand, the handmade bowl is shaped with dedicated sections for your thumb and fingers, allowing you to hold it with a strong and firm grip. No more holding it by the edge, cupping it by the base, or performing any kind of balancing act – this thing lets you keep the bowl secure in one hand the entire time.


The Ergonomic Couch Bowl has a large indent in the base for gripping with your fingers, along with a notch on the side that’s sized to accommodate your thumb. Those two simple adjustments make it possible to hold the bowl securely even for folks with smaller hands, so you can eat a big bowl of cereal while bingeing on your seemingly never-ending Netflix queue. The notch, by the way, also doubles as a spoon rest, so you can free up your other hand for fiddling with the remote.


It measures 6.25 x 2.75 inches (diameter x height), with a capacity of 23.6 fl. oz. Construction is ceramic, so it’s safe to use with both the microwave and the dishwasher.

Available now, the Ergonomic Couch Bowl is priced at $35.

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