Fender Blackface Hotseat: Amp-Like Stool For Guitarists, Both Real And Fake


Need a place to store your effects boxes, pedals, cords, strings and other guitar accessories?  Throw it in the amp.  Huh?

I mean, that footrest-cum-stool Fender Blackface Hotseat that looks like an actual amp but really isn’t.  Instead, the combination storage bench and equipment case was merely decked out to play a fitting part to your musical inclinations.

Sorry, it’s not a functional amp either.  It’s really just furniture.  Except Fender made it, so they recycled their own design and marketed it to the same people who buy their musical instruments.  More money for the man!

Sporting 13 x 13 x 19 inch dimensions like a standard-sized guitar amplifier, the Blackface Hotseat hosts a seat cushion on top.  That way, you can use it to sit your ass down comfortably during practice.  Need to read a tab?  No problem, since you stored it right inside the case.  Simply turn the volume knob to pop the lid open and you’ve got full access to your noise-making pile.  The interior panel is covered in red velvet, making it look like complete rockstar gear, apart from keeping scratches away from any expensive equipment you carry inside.

While I really can’t see much value for real guitarists over many accessory bags out there, this should make an excellent addition to every RockBand enthusiast’s playroom.  Since you have no use for real amps, just throw a couple of fake ones on the floor for effect.  You can use it to hide your regular controllers so it doesn’t end up completely useless.

Hand-built and with a limited production run, the Fender Blackface Hotseat is being touted as a collector piece.  Hmmm…I’m not too sold on that, but you can get it for a pricey tag of $180.

[Fender Custom Furniture via The Awesomer]