Folditure Leaf Chair Folds Flat To Less Than 0.75 Inches





Folding chairs — we’ve seen all sorts and types.  So far though, I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything like the Leaf, which looks more like a cool transforming robot than a seating furniture.

The brainchild of Alexander Gendell at Folditure, the unique chair features a novel folding mechanism that allows it to fold into a flat shape that’s less than 3/4 of an inch in thickness and that also in the blink of an eye.  Designed to be hung when not in use, you can literally put it in your closet right next to your suits — and it will likely occupy less space than any of your garments, too.

The Leaf is  a precision-handcrafted folding chair that uses weird-looking geometry for the frame.  To open, simply flip the folded backrest and the entire chair automatically settles into shape.  Closing is just as simple — press the release button and flip the backrest inward.  Both procedures won’t even require you to bend down or put in a whole lot of effort, allowing you to set the chair up way easier than any folding chairs in the market.   When closed, the base of the chair can be used to hang it over wall hooks and closet racks.

It uses an outdoor-friendly mesh fabric for the seat, which you can easily swap with additional seat panels (three colors — Platinum Silver, Olive Green, Red Orange — available separately).  The seat is sized to dining chair height, so you can use it as emergency dining furniture when you’ve got a few extra guests dropping by.

You can learn more from the Folditure website.