FreshNeck Fashion Accessories For Men Service Helps You Dress Like A Real Baller

You like to roll around town in expensive threads, dressing for the job you want and all that.  Custom-tailored suit?  Check.  $500 leather shoes?  Check.  $20 ties? Wait, no.  I know, paying top dollar for neckties seems a waste, especially when you’ll need quite a few of them to rotate through.  Maybe you’ll feel better just renting from FreshNeck.

Armed with a huge library of accessories, the luxury fashion company offers neckties, cufflinks, pocket squares and other formal needs for your dress-like-a-real-baller garb.  And, yes, they won’t disappoint your hunger for luxury brands, boasting a catalog filled with items from Hermes, Kiton, Brioni, Versace, Ferragamo, Prada, Gucci, Olch and more.

You can sign up with the FreshNeck website for free to browse the full catalog, saving your favorites and setting up a virtual closet for the items you’d like.  Then, when you’re ready to start dressing like a real baller, just choose from the monthly subscription plans and start receiving items in the mail.  When you subscribe, you’ll be asked to create a queue of the items you’d like to get.  Any time you feel like getting a fresh change of wardrobe, simply send them back (you get a prepaid return envelope with each batch) and you’ll get the next available items in your queue.

If you’re a slob, there’s a good chance you’ll stain an occasional neckwear or two.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy that yet.  Instead, you can send it back per usual, although you’ll be charged a cleaning fee ($8).  If you permanently destory (e.g. your dog ate it) or lose the items while out on a wild drunken bender with strippers, midgets and a horse, though, all bets are off.

FreshNeck offers several tiers of subscriptions, with the cheapest being $15 a month.  In case your fortunes change and you find yourself suddenly rich, you can also buy items you like from them.

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