FryAway Turns Hot Cooking Oil Into A Rubbery Solid To Make It Easier To Dispose

From chicken and fries to tempura and everything in between, deep fried food is delicious, with its crispy exterior and juicy interior creating a satisfying sensory stimulation that even air-fried fare can’t exactly recreate. Problem is, it uses a lot of oil, all of which you’ll have to get rid of after a few rounds on your deep fryer. If you’re like most people, you probably dispose of cooking oil by letting it cool, pouring it in a container, and throwing that in the bin, probably spilling some of that oil in various places along the way. The FryAway offers something a lot more convenient.

Designed to quickly solidify cooking oil, the product turns your greasy and sticky liquid into a solid block of fat that you can simply pick up from the pan and throw in the trash or compost bin like any solid garbage. No need to set up a grease trap down the drain that you clean out every few months, pour oil very carefully into a bag that jiggles as you bring it to the trash, or however else you get rid of old grease – this thing makes oil disposal easier than ever.

The FryAway is a flaky powder that you mix with the oil you plan to get rid off, turning it into a rubbery solid that you can easily scrape off the pan, wok, or Dutch oven, then dispose as a solid material. To use, simply sprinkle it on the oil while it’s still hot, stir until it dissolves into the oil, and wait for the whole thing to harden as the oil cools off. Once that’s done, simply scoop it up and put it wherever you put the used cooking oils you’re going to throw away.

According to the outfit, cooking oil with dissolved FryAway powder will harden as soon as it cools down to a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, which, they estimate, should take around 30 minutes, give or take a few, depending on how hot the oil is when you first mixed it in. Do note, the oil needs to be reasonably warm for the product to work, with the outfit recommending reheating it to at least 77 Celsius and cooling it back from there if it doesn’t harden enough. If you’re sure the oil was hot when you mixed in the powder, then it’s possible you need to add more to create the desired results.

The FryAway requires you to use one scoop of the powder for every cup of oil you want to harden to ensure that you get the rubbery solid consistency that makes it easy to pick up. It is 100 percent plant-based, by the way, so it doesn’t add any toxic chemicals to the cooking oil, allowing it to still be added to your compost mixture for turning into soil. From what we can tell, it might also remain viable for turning into recycled biofuel, in case you prefer leaving your oil in the recycling bin. Do note, once you turn the oil into solid, make sure it isn’t exposed to high heats, as it can return to liquid form when exposed to sustained temperatures of around 60 Celsius.

The FryAway is available now.

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