Gentleman’s Apron Lets You DIY It In Style

Men need to wear aprons, too.  And we don’t just mean a cheesy protective garment-slash-beer bandolier like the Grill Sergeant.  If you’re donning an apron for a serious job and want to look all serious while doing it, the Gentleman’s Apron should prove to be a serious option.

Made by Korean company TRVR, it’s a manly apron designed to shield you from the dirt and debris of manly activities like fixing the pipes under the sink, sawing off wood, and shining your collection of boots and oxfords.  And, yes, when cooking pasta sauce, grilling dogs and filling up the Cup Noodles with steaming hot water, as well.

The TRVR Gentleman’s Apron is constructed from durable waxed canvas, with pockets, loops and ties cut in genuine leather.  The compartments should be sturdy enough to hold your lot of tools, with a double loop around the waist sized to fit a hammer (or a baby axe if that’s more suitable for your purposes) and a small loop in the chest for your pencil.  Aside from that, it’s an erstwhile standard protective apron that should shield your nice clothes from the barrage of dirty stuff bound to come your way while building things, fixing things and accidentally destroying them.

Want one?  The TRVR Gentleman’s Apron is available now, priced at around $68.

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