Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper Cleans You Up Even When It’s Pitch Black


Follow the light, young warrior, follow the light. That’s where salvation waits.

That’s right. With the Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper, you don’t have to turn on the lights (and wake everyone up) to find your way to the nearest toilet. Wherever you see a faint brightness emanating from a small roll, that’s where you need to be. Of course, if someone closed the bathroom door, then you’re screwed.

It’s especially useful too during unplanned power outages while you’re blasting in the bowl (instant illumination) or when you’re enjoying the great outdoors under a dark, cloudy sky (where you always seem to forget where you placed the toilet paper). If you’ve ever fancied taking a dump in pitch black darkness (I heard it’s relaxing), the Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper makes it a viable option as well.

The illuminated behind-wipers appear to be standard-sized, with a weight of 0.18 kg per roll. There’s no word on whether its two-ply or whatever variant, but all that is immaterial – it glows in the freaking dark, so who cares?

Apart from the obvious hygienic use, this would make an even better ammunition for kids looking to launch a TP attack at any home in the neighborhood. Imagine driving by and chancing upon a home with rolls upon rolls of Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper hanging on it, “Look, honey, it shimmers.”

You can buy it by the piece (6 rolls minimum) or by the carton (72 rolls each). Price stinks, though, at almost $8 each. At least, your you know what will be wrapped in glowing paper for posterity. How cool is that?

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