Emergency Toilet Paper Roll Saves You From Restroom Disasters

Emergency – you never know when it happens. That’s why all restrooms need to be equipped with an Emergency Toilet Roll, a clean roll of two-ply toilet paper for those unfortunate situations when the standard supply runs out.

From forgetting to refill the dispenser to your brother using up every last bit, there are dozens of potential reasons for running out of clean toilet paper. No matter how valid the cause, it doesn’t matter. You’re sitting in a bowl with nothing to clean up with and that stinks (literally).

In these moments of despair, you can simply straddle up to your Emergency Toilet Roll location and have a bountiful pile of wiping paper ready to do your bidding. It’s a life-affirming experience – one you’re guaranteed to be thankful for over and over.

Of course, it’s a novelty product, so you don’t really have to “break glass” when you have a bathroom disaster on your…ummm…hands. But we do appreciate the reminder to always keep emergency concessions somewhere in the bathroom since, let’s face it, it’s absolutely necessary.

Because we pity the fool who doesn’t have toilet paper when they need one, the Emergency Toilet Roll should make for a nice gift to co-workers perennially complaining of the lacking toilet paper supplies in your company bathroom. Make sure to superglue it to their desks so everyone can see – they’ll love that, I swear.

[Spinning Hat via The Awesomer]