Go-Karts Turned Into Tractor Trailers

There are many ways to make a go-kart awesome (this toilet go-kart isn’t really one of them).  For some reason, turning them into semi-trucks never crossed my mind.   After seeing these Tractor Trailer Go-Karts, though, going the giant truck route is definitely a great way to go.

Made by Go Kart Workz, these aren’t your run of the mill amusement park karts.  Designed for novelty, rather than speed, the low-motor vehicles feature actual trailers with partial bodies (yes, the cabin is still open) that make them look like shrunken cross-country delivery trucks than your standard open-wheel racer.

The Tractor Trailer Go Karts are available in three models (Navistar International, Freightliner Style and Kenworth Extended), which you can pair with six different trailers (10-foot Drop Deck, 10-foot Drop Deck Stake, 8-ft Flatbed Trailer, 8-ft Stakebed Trailer, Tanker and Box-Style).  The karts weigh around 275 lbs. each, while the trailer adds another 200 lbs. to the total heft, so this isn’t a toy car you can carry around by any means.

All the vehicles are single seaters, with a 6.5-hp gas pull start motor (electric start is optional),  fiberglass body, single-wheel drive, automatic clutch, inch-thick steel frames and 4-inch band brakes (disk brakes optional).  Ground clearance sits between 4 to 6 inches on all the karts, with small variances on wheelbase, frame length and height, depending on the model.

The makers appear to be marketing the Tractor Trailer Go Karts as promotional tools for businesses — a good idea, since I doubt many homes can handle a recreational vehicle requiring this much garage space.  If you have a place to stash an extra long go-kart, though, you can get one from the link below, with prices starting at $4,500 for a complete set (kart plus trailer).

[Tons of more images and info at GoKartsDirect]